About Me


Blaine Pennington is a Manhattan based freelance photographer specializing in conceptual portraiture, headshot photography, family portraits and product photography.

His work has been featured in National Geographic subsidiary magazines and national ad campaigns for tech and luxury corporations.

My Approach

"Your headshot doesn't really look like you."

That was the very first comment I received from anyone when I had my headshots printed and displayed for my first acting showcase. And it was from my acting coach. 

I was confused. How could a photo of me not look like me? I had to get them retaken, but I didn't know what needed to change. Years of having my headshots taken, auditioning and receiving industry critiques later, I understand now what my acting coach meant. That first headshot didn't capture any of my personality. It didn't say anything about me or inform a casting director who the person walking into the audition room was going to be. It was just a picture that could easily get lost in a sea of other pictures.

The goal during our session is still to get amazing images that "look like you", but it is really about settling into yourself and allowing your personality to show through. And thanks to digital, we'll just keep shooting until we've got it.

My sessions are relaxed, chill and fun. I want you to feel comfortable to make mistakes, ask questions, smile if you feel like smiling, request your favorite Pandora station, pause the shoot and go on a coffee run with me. I love doing this, and it is my hope that you enjoy the entire experience. 

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